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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Facebook Flirt...

I was waiting for you to come online...
You acted busy and made me offline
I quitted Facebook and now you say
You made new friends(gfs) naa thats why you no longer play

I started coming online and saying hi
You got just too overwhelmed to give a polite reply
I stopped making the initiation
And you started using "Param Saraf" hi as the salutation..( :P )

I flirt and make you giggle
You keep singing "gtg bye" as your favourite jingle
I come to ground zero and accept not to expect
Then you indicate that for me you have a lot of respect

I retrospect and foresee a good prospect
Later you justify your words as being said not in that aspect

I act to understand and you pretend
That you look me as just and just as a friend
I realise this is no longer the beginning, this is the end
I quit Facebook once again
And start laughing once again once again ( :P)

Later your sms comes "I think I have a soft corner for you"
Heartbeats with new hope and wild thoughts a few
untill the next sms comes,reading..
"Just kidding,Just kidding :P :P"

This was a Facebook Flirt's story of love
A love that in one chat germinates as seed
Grows along in another with rude comments as weed
Harvested finally but never distributed
To the one, in its most dire need...

(Dedicated to all those who can identify themselves here :P :P :P)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Why do the Kings dont have a GF???

This post is fictitous and bears no resemblance to any living, non living and virtually non existent species.
Why do the Kings dont have a GF?? is the most fascinating question and may be a moral boost for a single to feel that he's a King....The following reasons:

  1. The King characterises of ego,pride,power even though he doesnt own a big territory. :P
  2. The King would never drive a bike or a car to take the girl on a ride,infact he thinks driving is the job of drivers and he cant snatch their livelihood(This is to highlight the fact that Kings have a big heart)...And even if he sits with a girl on a bike,he will order her to drive.... :P
  3. The King doesnt know how to please a girl and would never be shy to say what he wants to.
  4. The following most common phrases that cant be associated with a king:
  • Can I drop you home?...
  • Hey leave that to me,I ll do it...
  • We're just friends(yeah f***king friends)...
       The following questions that most girls throw on which he replies:
  • Q.I feel very lonely and I dont have much friends..will you be friends with me?....A.Nopes....
  • Q.Hey...You have look so different...has your mobile number changed? A.Yeah I have changed but you look the same fat,bloodsucking,ugly bitch and you never had my number :P
  • Q.Hey do you have an extra pen? A.Yes,I do but it doesnt write :P
  • Q.Mujhe neend aa rahi hai(this is a special one,made by a classmate in class)? A.But I am too tired :P
  • Q.Do you have a GF?Or are you interested in any? A. You dont have any chance even if I couldnt see and hear and had my whole body paralysed except for one part... :P
And the last one............
Q.Who do you think you are,a King or what? A.Yes,I am a King i.e a Kind  Intelligent and Nice Guy  :P

Sunday, July 11, 2010

"Tribute to Dr SNR Reddy in the Reddyland"

"No thats not Dr Reddy but thats a chimp with his symbol of humanity i.e CLAPS"

Dr Reddy was a teacher,mentor,comedian and shakira (for his shaking nature) during our summer training programme.He is extremely down to earth and is as humble as a lamb who is to be slaughtered.Being a lecturer in IGIT, isnt an easy job.

During his initial days he was "SNR Reddy,mind it" but then his masculinity decreased with time and he adapted to IGIT and changed to "SNR Reddy,Dont mind wokay".

Not to undermine his skills,he had a great knowledge about "moving horizontal but was too scared to go vertical as he had Acrophobia(fear of heights)"...What it means is that he teaches us 'A' of 'ABC...Z' and expects us to discover the entire 'ABC...Z'...

As I can recall the enlightening words by "Maindhak-the frog"(The guy who used to give us our mobile devices daily) "Chhota Reddy,Bada Reddy jeejaaa saaala hain...aur ye training inke Khaane kamaane ka dhanda hai..." During our initial days these words were considered meaningless but later it became a harsh reality....

'Chhota Reddy' young,not so handsome,not so charming,not so vivacious,not so helpful but still a 'Reddy' by nature...He was a ladykiller and a very popular laughing stalk among ladies....He used to sit near the laptop and play games and didnt believe in doing his job that was to change the slides of ppt....Eventually it was the saala i.e 'Badaa Reddy' who did the honours....
                    When asked "Sir(I know thats offensive) what are you doing?" he said "I am doing Research".We again asked "Research as in phD?" to which he replied "No...Research"....God bless him :)

So back to Dr SNR Reddy-the leader of the Reddy clan...He had great oratorial skills repeating his every word twice,thrice,four times till the listener forgets what was the topic he was explaining....His most inspiring and touching words are listed below in order :
1."Claps....." (He had a will for appreciating talent and work...every senior lecturer's work or even students was acknowledged/appreciated with Claps.....He used to raise his shoulders in repect)

2."Thanks to Dr Nupur Prakash for your enlightening words" (This was a symbol of his faithfullness to Dr Nupur and his responsibility to his family which depends on him :) )

3."appu"(Being a southie he showed his love for elephants by reading appuifw as "appu" ifw....It was a symbol of his universally loving nature)

4."Lets Break it"(After a tiring lecture he used to speak these words to inspire students to break the cage of darkness by the light of knowledge)

5."Real time mobile devices"(No words can describe this....I guess noq every student refers to his/her mobile as real time mobile device...such was his aura,flair and flambuoyance)

6."Tinni"(He pronounced "tiny" a four letter word as "tinni" giving it more length and hence inspiring even the words)

7.Chaapters(He emphasized more on "aaaa" of  "chapters" and pronounced it as "chaaapters"....The very reason was he wanted us to emphasize on "aaa" or basics of any chapter or experiment so that we can build a strong project)

To be continued----------> :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

"The Real Man"

Drenched in cold sweat,with a cigarette in mouth,he takes a 'headshot',enjoys his achievement for a second raising his lips by 45 degrees and then takes another...."Jim" his best friend acknowledges his achievement and gets shot in the the middle of the 'eye'....He throws away his sniper rifle lifts the machine gun and starts firing.....Kills everyone in the vicinity whether or not guilty of his friend's demise...He sheds a drop of tear for his friend's death and another for his "rampant killing"....

After the day's work he retires to his room....listening to "heavy metal"...remembering the days when he was with his family....Suddenly,the Seargeant orders him to take guard against the 'vietnamese' (small in built,great stamina and relentless as 'Piranhas')...He gets dressed, kisses the photo of his girlfriend in his 'purse',loads ammo,shoots the first bullet in air as a good luck charm and gets 'ready'....

2 a.m and his stomach is aching,signalling 'hunger and thirst' all together to his brain which is engulfed in 'war'...Just like the vehicle, the body has its own limitations cant accelerate when the engine gets overheated....So he takes out the "Toblerone' from his pocket and eats it with one hand and keeps shooting with another...

2 days and still fighting to capture the hill 30,he gets bored  by his Seargeant's leadership and decides to go all out....He collects 4 of his believers and decides to climb the hill amidst the avalanche of firing...."Courage" is a state of mind when you have nothing to lose....Loaded with 'courage' he leads his troops to hill 30......Raises his 'brows' and the flag there....

Being awarded  for bravery he turns up with the same 'unanimated' face that was the only constant thing among his daily adventure with life and death. be continued........

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Great Indian Marriage......

Marriages are made in heaven.....Hmm may be,but Indian Marriages are made with colours,rituals,emotions and a lot of excitement.This was the first time I got a chance to witness marriage so here it goes...

Description::::My sis(My Tauji's daughter) Subhadra and Ketan Pimparikar(Her MITian groom) got married on 18th March 2010...A date that they will never forget...Sudarshan(Subhadra's bro) and me had a key role to play...

On 14th march I reached Bhilai for Daal Baati(a delicacy served on event of Narsimha(our kuldevata)Dev ke jode jimaana)...We departed at night for Nagpur...The job beginsss...

Being 6 '2' weighing 75 kgs and aging just 20 years(the youngest in my family) it is presumed that I am a worker and my role is to lift baggages,load them,unload them,listen to what old men say,do as they please,dont argue with them,and keep nodding in acceptance.....At Nagpur I did the same along with Sud(Sudarshan) enjoying every bit of it.

15th and 16th were off days where all arrangements for the 17th and 18th were finalised....During this time I played cards with old men(Bluff,Rummy,Not at home and Satti centre) played with adoloscents(tried a lot of wrestling moves on them) and gossipped with long lost bhanjis and bhatijis who are of my age(strange!!!)

17th came and came the baraatis.....While few people went  to recieve them at railway station at 5 am some made arrangements for welcoming them....I was in the latter group...

Deprived of sleep and nature's call I stood at the gate welcoming them...Then came the groom with his parents followed by their relatives including a lot of aunties and few teens whose mouth opened on seeing us(the alpha males) but then dropped soon when we lifted their baggages and transported them to their rooms..

Being in the girl's side a lot of pain is inflicted on all irrespective of who you are and whatever you do...I mean a person who doesnt help anyone unless he feels that someone needs help had to act like an ass(donkey) doing what the master says and not complain...The prize that the ass got were a few smiles(amount varied from few rupees to a million dollars) be continued

Saturday, February 20, 2010

B.Tech in Jugaad Engineering..........Part II....War with "The Pilot Pens":::


                     War with "The Pilot Pens"

Depending on the level of preparation....which actually means completing the syllabus or coming close to it...Our man begins to feel it....If he has covered all the syllabus...He transforms..."He is the man"....It shows in his walks and talks...Fearless "the man" enters the arena(Examination centre) with an intensionally crafted 'butcher look' to scare a shit out of the 'bakras(Goats)'(The most fattu bunch of students who score more eventually....(Whats in a Mark?))....Its now or never....Paper comes.....Reading through all the questions...The invigilator asks him "Which paper?"....He turns back and asks his neighbouring student..."Which Paper?"..."ADA" comes the reply...Meanwhile the invigilator prepares her documents and "The Man" goes through the process signing at right places in " dont care fashion"....Mind it..

The papers is in front and he could feel it....."The Man" doesnt believe in the process of cheating as it is time consuming and his conscience doesnt allow the thought "Abey ise mujhse zyada kaise aa sakta hai?"...

He begins to write with his lucky pen "The pilot pen"...

The pilot glides through all 2 marks hills....dropping shells at the 'X'(The questions, answer to which he doesnt know) and expecting them to hit on target....After crossing the 1st compulsory question hurdle the pilot comes on a crossroad...Hill no 3 has easy initial path but there is a Bermuda Triangle in the middle...Not many have made through that area....Hill no 4 is all philosophical....demanding good writing skills and memory....In the midst of confusion and a lot of time consumption the pilot finds an easy way out....Hill no 7......Its a hit or a miss.....You get through it or get nailed....."The Man" stranded  in the middle with an angel and a devil giving advices......

Devil:::Go for question no will get full 12.5 marks..
Angel:::Dont listen to him go for question no 3...Do those parts only you know best...
Devil:::Nooooo way...We play for pride...Either we live or we deserve to die...
Angel:: Theres no pride in failing when you have a chance to overcome hardship..
Devil::seven...Its lucky for Dhoni and all great are great tooo....Go for it my boy...Its your day
Angel::Seven may be lucky for them but you are wearing "Lux Cozi" remember.."Apna luck pehan ke chalo"...Go for 3...dont be greedy....
The pilot tries some manouevers on hill no 3 but then turns around and decides to try hill no 7.....

Its alll done.....The pilot reaches its destination(Pencil Box) and "The man" begins to lift his honoured ass slowly with all pride that he achieved in the arena....

"I am the Man"

Suddenly a noise from behind..."There was a trick in question no 7 we needed to divide f(s) by s"...
"How do you know?"asks "The Man"....."Well it was a star marked question in the book...the only exception in its category....given on page no 237...last example..."Devil defeated the angel again.....

"Just as everything seems bleak and hazy hero finds a way to defeat the bad guyz,gain the honour and get the girl" thinking this "The Man" who lost his "The Man attitude" for a moment returns to his original state and heads back home.....Filled with a new potion of self knowledge that noone would acknowledge he would relax for few days after exams.......Get over his examinary "Jetlag" and then continue the "Party........"

Friday, February 5, 2010

Category : Down the Memory Lane,Name :Param Saraf, GTBIT

'Down the Memory lane'---an unforgettable trip to Andamans

'I am different'

'Everlasting shine'




'Sneek Peek'








'The Walk'